Aerosol Recycling

Closed-Loop Aerosol Recycling Plant

At Greenway, we are constantly on the lookout for more innovative ways reduce CO2 emissions and offer more sustainable solutions for your hazardous waste streams.

Our brand new, closed loop aerosol recycling plant offers 100% gas capture, 100% landfill diversion and 100% waste-to-energy capabilities. The facility utilises the best available technology on the market to separate the different components, turning an otherwise challenging waste stream into a true circular economy.

It is the only complete R code aerosol recycling solution that meets stringent regulations on hazardous waste disposal, worker safety, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Aerosol Recycling Plant

How does it work?

Traditional methods of recycling include shredding, puncturing, crushing, and incineration, where greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. However, the closed-loop recycling facility separates and removes the propellant and liquid into separate containment, and further compresses and transforms the propellants into purified liquid fuels, to be reused as alternative fuels, while the cans are compressed into metal bricks for onward recycling.

Aerosol Recycling Plant - How does it work?

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