GRG Waste UK and Greenway Environmental

GRG acquired Greenway Environmental in August 2019 as part of the GRG Waste UK group and has contributed to the group's expansion into the UK waste management market. GRG are a group of companies, headquartered in Guernsey, that specialise in the recycling and recovery of waste. GRG employs over 200 staff and has operations in Guernsey, Jersey, Caymans Islands and the UK.

GRG provides infrastructure and services for all forms of solid, hazardous, liquid, and inert waste in large and small economies.

Given their Channel Islands heritage, GRG has a particularly intimate and unique knowledge of waste management solutions for island economies. In the UK, GRG has become a market leader for hazardous and liquid waste, providing solutions across the UK across England and Scotland.

GRG are driven by principles of sustainability across all its operational practices and corporate structure.

Each year, GRG divert thousands of tonnes of waste away from landfills. Instead, the company recycles and recovers waste material wherever possible; over 80% of the waste received by GRG is either recycled or recovered.

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“Greenway Environmental sets the standard for hazardous waste in the UK. Adding their expertise to our other waste services provides our customers with value added solutions for their waste. We’re excited to develop these services across the UK with our talented team.” – Michael Grime, Managing Director of GRG

“We’re very proud to welcome the Greenway Environmental business into the GRG family. Its management has created a first-class company with wonderful people, and we look forward to future success together.” – Alan Crowe, Chairman of GRG

Chloros Environmental Ltd

Chloros is GRG's most recent acquisition into the UK waste management market, Chloros is one of Britain's fastest-growing hazardous waste management and waste recycling companies with nationwide coverage in England, Wales and Scotland.

Chloros invested a seven-figure sum in their new headquarters at Hartlebury Trading Estate, Kidderminster in 2019, creating one of the best-in-class hazardous waste transfer stations in the UK, with significant room for expansion.

Chloros new headquarters at Hartlebury Trading Estate, Kidderminster in 2019

Alongside the 43,000sq.ft waste transfer facility in the West Midlands, Chloros operate an additional transfer facility in Dundee, Scotland. These sites are supported by our national team of experienced waste managers, chemists, and other specialists.

Chloros offer a full range of waste management services that are specifically tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Chloros's highly specialised team also provide consultancy services, including DGSA Support, Chemist Services and Chemical Hazard Awareness Training, to industry using their vast knowledge of chemicals and their interactions with the environment.

BKP Waste & Recycling Ltd

BKP was the first organisation to join the GRG Waste UK family in 2018. Founded in 1964, BKP have over 50 years’ experience in the waste management industry and are specialists in all forms of hazardous waste management and the industrial services.

Our reliable and friendly customer services team can help find you the perfect package for your off-mains drainage system.

reliable and friendly customer services team

As well as offering services for all of your businesses waste management needs, BKP also operate within the domestic waste management sector, offering services such as domestic cesspool cleaning, septic tank emptying, and sewage treatment plants.

24/7 - 365 Emergency Response Team

BKP’s 24/7 emergency spill response service provides a professional, comprehensive, safe and effective clean up for virtually any hazardous or non-hazardous spillage. This includes chemicals, oils, sewage and floodwaters — all completed in strict adherence to EU regulations and guidelines.

BKP Emergency Hotline Number: 0800 376 5004