Introducing our Brand New, Closed-Loop Aerosol Recycling Plant, Arriving in 2022!

Greenway Environmental have invested €1.5m in a brand new, closed-loop aerosol recycling plant that offers 100% gas capture, 100% landfill diversion and 100% waste-to-energy capabilities, keeping all components in the circular economy. The investment is very exciting for the waste industry as it is the only complete R code aerosol recycling solution that meets stringent regulations on hazardous waste disposal, worker safety, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Dave Gallagher, Operations Director of Greenway Environmental, is enthusiastic about the new business venture, stating that “the new plant demonstrates our commitment to finding innovative ways of reducing CO2 emissions, and aligns with the need and our customer’s want for a new environmentally sustainable solution for aerosol waste, while adhering to the strict health, safety and compliance standards of our sites”.

Traditional methods of recycling include shredding, puncturing, crushing, and incineration, where greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. However, the closed-loop recycling facility separates and removes the propellant and liquid into separate containment, and further compresses and transforms the propellants into purified liquid fuels, to be reused as alternative fuels, while the cans are compressed into metal bricks for onward recycling. The new plant is expected to arrive in July 2022.

For more information about the capabilities of the new aerosol recycling plant, contact Greenway’s professional sales team:

Greenway Environmental was formed in 2005 to be a unique supplier of all aspects of integrated waste management and environmental services. We have developed a strong technological bias with a market leading speed of response that has helped us to grow and maintain a strong position within the waste management industry. All this has been made possible through our quality of people, innovation, compliance and demonstrable concern for the environment and the wider community.

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