Greenway's largest ever investment that is solely focused on safety and compliance

Greenway Bootle has invested in a new roof that will create 3 individual fire-resistant bays. The investment will create a safer environment in the event of any potential incidents, and provides a better continuity of service in any such circumstance.

Dave Gallagher, Operations Director at Greenway Environmental, is excited about the new development, stating that "it protects our waste, our site and our neighbours, making us a safer place to work, and fully complies with the Environmental Agency's new Appropriate Measures Guidance".

The investment will be Greenway's largest ever spend that is solely focused on safety and compliance, and not in the interest of increasing sales capacity or operational ability.

The works were completed in May 2022.

Greenway Environmental was formed in 2005 to be a unique supplier of all aspects of integrated waste management and environmental services. We have developed a strong technological bias with a market leading speed of response that has helped us to grow and maintain a strong position within the waste management industry. All this has been made possible through our quality of people, innovation, compliance and demonstrable concern for the environment and the wider community.

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