Greenway Environmental invests £300k into a brand new TFS preparation warehouse to meet demand for innovative and cost effective recovery routes for hazardous wastes

Greenway Environmental have recently built a brand-new warehouse at their waste transfer facility in Bootle, Liverpool for the preparation of trans frontier shipment of waste (TFS). The work began in May 2020 and was completed in the September of the same year.

The £300k investment into the new warehouse was instigated by the increasing demand for innovative and sustainable recovery routes for hazardous wastes, where the only available solution in the UK is disposal. Adhesives, solids, paints, and resins can be compliantly shipped to mainland Europe and used within a cost-effective recovery process.

The new unit has been built using the Best Available Techniques and with health and safety at the forefront; the warehouse is split into two sections for both flammable and oily TFS preparation, separated by a fully fire-resistant wall. Compliance will be enhanced further with the upcoming installation of fully monitored and alarmed thermal cameras.

Dave Collis, Group Director for GRG Waste UK said: “the new unit enriches the groups trans frontier shipment capabilities. This significant investment will help us to further improve our industry-leading facilities and enhance future waste-to-energy competencies.”

Greenway Environmental was formed in 2005 to be a unique supplier of all aspects of integrated waste management and environmental services. We have developed a strong technological bias with a market leading speed of response that has helped us to grow and maintain a strong position within the waste management industry. All this has been made possible through our quality of people, innovation, compliance and demonstrable concern for the environment and the wider community.

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