Transfrontier Shipment of Waste (TFS)

Exporting difficult hazardous solid streams to energy from waste outlets in Europe

At Greenway, we endeavour to maximise the recovery potential of your waste through utilising the most innovative and sustainable yet cost effective methods available in the industry, which is why we utilise trans frontier shipment notifications to Europe to ensure even the most difficult hazardous solid waste streams can be recovered.

We have our own routes and access to other Energy from Waste outlets outside of the UK for the cost-effective recovery of more difficult wastes that traditionally would have just been incinerated. Pharmaceutical wastes, oily rags, solid adhesives, paints, and resins can be compliantly exported by transboundary specialists to mainland Europe through our audited routes, supported by approved paperwork.

We will always work in line with the waste hierarchy, ensuring we maximise the opportunity to divert materials away from landfill and recover as much of your waste as possible, with the aim of supporting and improving our environment.

Contact us today to see how we can maximise the recycling and recovery potential of your waste.

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