At Greenway, we put compliance at the forefront of everything we do

Our sites are fully accredited ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 for waste management, with two onsite laboratories, each with extensive analytical equipment to provide comprehensive testing of pre and acceptance samples.

Both sites are permitted to accept a wide range of wastes, with flexible treatment and recovery solutions. To maximise health, safety, and compliance, we operate 24/7 CCTV monitoring and alarmed infrared sensors.

The waste streams we handle, but are not limited to, include:

  1. Corrosive Liquids
  2. Paints and Solvents
  3. Contaminated Rags, Wipes and Packaging
  4. Empty Metal and Plastic Containers
  5. Oil/Water and Oil Sludge
  6. Oil Filters
  7. Aerosols
  8. Flammable Solids
  9. Oxidisers
  10. Organic Peroxides
  11. WEEE
  12. Batteries and Fluorescent Tubes
  13. Laboratory Chemicals
  14. Resins
  15. Asbestos
  16. Clinical and Pharmaceutical Wastes

Storage and Transportation

Our new bulk and ADR vacuum tankers are available and are suitable for the transportation of hazardous goods. We can also supply various containers suitable for hazardous waste storage, including our popular Greenway Greenbins. 

These are available on a waste exchange basis, so all other palletised hazardous waste can be collected on the same vehicle, thus overall reducing your administration and transportation costs.

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mobile chemist services

mobile chemist services

Alongside our container and transport services, our chemists and DGSA’s can offer to assess and pack your wastes and provide additional support and knowledge to ensure safe transportation of the waste. This full service from initial identification of your waste to final disposal at the final treatment facility will provide you with the peace of mind that your waste is handled and moved safely and compliantly.

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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

At Greenway, we utilise inhouse and offtake recycling and recovery processes in to provide you with more sustainable and cost-effective solutions for your waste. Our market-leading, complete R code aerosol recycling plant offers 100% gas capture, 100% landfill diversion and 100% waste-to-energy capabilities. We also have sustainable routes both inside and outside of the UK for the cost-effective recovery of aqueous wastes, pharmaceutical wastes, solvents, oily rags, solid adhesives, paints, and resins.

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